About Spaniland

Photo Of Eleonora Alicia

Helping Children Learn The Spanish Language

Eleonora Alicia is the creative mind behind Spaniland, an enrichment program designed to teach the Spanish language to native English speakers. Spaniland is a great choice for students of all ages -- from preschool and beyond.

Her program is available to local daycare centers, schools, organizations and agencies that desire to increase learning opportunities for their students. Spaniland may also be tailored to the needs of individuals of all ages.

Eleonora learned Spanish in her native Argentina. She has worked for many years as a language instructor with a Montessori approach. Her background has helped her learn strategies to teach basic and conversational Spanish. She is knowledgeable in human development, language acquisition, and harmonic learning.

In addition to being a native Spanish speaker, she has four years of Spanish language education, psychology training and is a certified Montessori educator. Her background helps her to execute lessons that meet the needs of the learner. Her instructional goals focus on helping students communicate effectively using the Spanish language.

Eleonora understands the importance of learning Spanish. As a mother and an educator, she knows the advantages of learning a second language. Becoming orally fluent in Spanish increases opportunities for work, travel and appreciation of other cultures.

Contact her to learn Spanish through Spaniland, info@spaniland.com


Spaniland is a curriculum designed by Eleonora Alicia to teach the language of love. Her creative curriculum is designed to introduce basic Spanish speaking skills to first time learners.